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Unlike many hunting preserves, the hunting at Dixie Sportsman’s Hunting Preserve is very challenging. All of our game is “free roaming” throughout the preserve, so with hundreds of acres of hardwoods, planted pines, improved pasture and deep, dark Florida swamps, the game has better odds than you! SO PLAN ON HUNTING!

“Our Goal … To Provide a Total Hunting Experience for You, Your Family, Guests or Clients.”

Dixie Sportsman’s is very proud that we can offer such a variety in hunting options. One of our most popular items is our custom “Corporate Package”. A business owner or sales executive may custom-tailor an annual package to accommodate the needs of himself and his clients.

From upland shot gunning to the thrill of following the dogs into the bush after a trophy hog.

Dixie Sportsman’s Hunting Lodge guarantees a Great Hunting Adventure!

Handicap Hunts

We offer Safari style hunting from one of our huge swamp buggies for Trophy Wild Hog, Domestic.....

Our Guides

Our highly skilled staff is here to assure one and all a safe and exhilarating hunt. Important safety rules....

Hunting Trips

At Dixie Sportsman’s Hunting Lodge, we encourage you to arrive the night before your hunt....

Our Hunts

Whitetail Deer Hunt

Florida Whitetail Deer average height is 28 to 31 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 75 and 125 lbs. Whitetail Deer have good eyesight and...
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$2,000 - $5,500

Water Buffalo Hunt

Normally black or gray with lower leg whitish in color. Horns can be up to 35” in length or more. Water buffalo can be very dangerous with males...
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Sika Deer Hunt

A small to medium sized deer. Coloration may be mottled with numerous white spots. Sikas are compact with a short, trim, wedge-shaped head. Their...
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Florida Hog Hunt

A Florida Hog Hunt can be one of the most exiting hunts you’ve ever experienced. Florida Hogs are powerful, fast, tough and dangerous. A...
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Fallow Deer Hunt

Fallow deer can be white, spotted or brown and have hard antlers with flat palmations similar to moose. Bucks weigh about 200 lbs. No License...
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Blackbuck Antelope Hunt

One of the fastest animals on earth, it can out run any animal over long distances. Adult males stand about 32” at the shoulder and weigh 71 to...
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Axis Deer Hunt

Also called the Indian Deer, Spotted Deer, and the Chital Deer, native to India and Sri Lanka. The male stands 29” – 40” tall to the...
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Red Deer / Elk

Red deer known as Wapiti or Elk in North America are the second largest deer in the world, second only to moose. Wapiti is the Shawnee name for...
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The most impressive characteristic of the Watusi is its horns, which are very long and usually symmetrical.
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American Bison

Amercian Bison have massive heads and forequarters covered with long, dark brown woolly hair and short, sharp, up-curved horns.
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